A city with 2000 years of history.

Winter in the first century after Christ: Roman troops are stationed along the Danube River. Armed riders control the northern boundary wall of the Roman Empire. It’s high time to build a stronghold for protection. The best place has soon been found. Kastell Comagena comes into being and with it the first foundation wall of Tulln.

For Tulln to be one of the oldest towns of Austria is due to its exposed location directly at the Danube river shores. The Romans recognize a distinct advantage in this: Up to the 4thcentury the troops of riders stationed in the Kastell Comagena protect the Noric Limes, control the military wise important ford and supervise the prolific Tullnerfeld. From the late antiquity Comagena is even the naval base of the Danube fleet. During the last years of Roman dominion the visit of the Holy Severin and the miraculous rescue of the town from barbarians are reported. 


791 after Christ Tulln is called urban settlement for the first time. 985/991 aristocrats of the young margraviate convene and Austria is launched.  State parliament and court meetings were held in Tulln for centuries. From the 11thcentury on Tulln moved again into the centre of world affairs. 

The Babenberg dynasty chose the town as their residence. Tulln prospered as emporium and was even mentioned in the „Nibelungenlied“ which originated about 1200 AD. It is about the meeting of the King of the Huns Etzel with Kriemhild, Siegfried’s widow in Tulln. From there the couple traveled on to Vienna for their wedding. From the 14thcentury Turkish raids began, and flooding as well as the thirty year’s war afflicted the town heavily. Only after the construction of the “Franz-Josef’s-railway” and a bridge leading across the Danube River in 1870 Tulln experienced a new economic boost.

A stopover in Tulln is always a great experience!

No matter if you decide to visit the “GARTEN TULLN EXHIBIT”, one of the first economic and permanent garden exhibits in Europe, which is famous far across the country’s borders, or take a relaxing trip on a Danube riverboat amidst the soft hills of the Wachau. Here there is something for everybody. For culturally interested guests the visit of the “Donaubühne Tulln”, the Roman- or Egon-Schiele-museum as well as the caricature museum in Krems beckon.

For the active guests we recommend the many running courses or walking tracks along the “Donaulände” or a bike tour with our own rental bikes in the neighborhood.  A boat trip in the near water park as well as the visit of the “Danube Splash” are ideal for relaxing moments. 

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